Cultural Heritage

Nisyros, one of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese archipelago, is an island with an alluring balance between nature and culture Being rich in natural beauty it is also endowed with impressive sites of cultural interest, including fortresses, monasteries and villages of world-class architecture. The notorious castle of Mandraki, the remarkable Monastery of Panagia Spiliani, the picturesque villages of Nikia and Emborios are just a few sites that compose the Nisyrian culture.

Get to know Nisyros Geopark


An Island Born Out Of Fire & Water

Nisyrian people had attributed the creation of their island in Poseidon during the Gigantomachy. The Nisyrian myth reveals that local people understood very well that their land was actually an alive volcano.



Harmonious Coexistence Between Humans & Nature

Despite its explosive past, Nisyros Island has been inhabited since the prehistoric times and therefore the history of this unique island is directly related to the presence of the volcano and its activity.


Nisyrian People

Living On A Volcano

The Nisyrians have become accustomed to the idea of coexisting with the danger posed by the volcano and that’s what makes them special. The local people have maintained their uniqueness in a constantly changing world, through their local dialect and their mentality.


Customs & Traditions

Traditional Ceremonies & Festivities

The Nisyrian customs and traditions have passed unchanged in time, while the Nisyrian people are actively involved in keeping alive, embracing and spreading their culture through the generations.


Nisyrian Villages

Places with Exceptional Architecture

Mandraki, Emborios, Nikia and Pali are the four main settlements of the Island. The architecture of the Nysirian Villages reflects the morphological and typological characteristics of that of the Dodecanese’s architecture.


Cultural Spaces Exhibiting Nisyros’s Heritage

Six exceptional museums, including the Archaeological, the Folk-Historical and the Volcanological museum, travel visitors through the long past of Nisyros.


Impressive Remains Of The Ancient Past Shape The Island’s History

Monumental castles, churches and monasteries compose the long history of The Nisyros Geopark that extends back to antiquity.