Georoute G4

Diavatis – Nyphios

The whole route, passing by the Nyphios Plateau and Mt. Prophitis Ilias, offers an exceptional view to the impressive rhyodacitic domes and the surrounding islets.

This route starts from the Monastery of Evaggelistria and offers exceptional views to the impressive volcanic domes, as well as the surrounding islets. Mid-way visitors will find the intersection with the path that leads to the highest point of the island, at an altitude of 698m above sea level, the Profitis Ilias dome. During return, visitors arriving at the intersection mentioned above can follow the path to the east, and reach after a few minutes the impressive Nyphios plateau.

Diavatis Nyphios (G4) Map

  • Distance: 4.60 Km
  • Time: 75 Min
  • Terrain: Mountain
  • Type: Loop
  • Difficulty Level: Average
  • Cultural Sights: Monastery of Evaggelistria, Panagia Diavatini Chapel, Prophitis Ilias Chapel, St. John Christ Nymphios Chapel
  • Geological Sights: Nyphios Plateau, View to Islets, Volcanic Domes, Volcano View
Nyphios Plateau
Nyphios Plateau
Prophitis Ilias
Prophitis Ilias
Rhyodacites and view to Yali Islet
Rhyodacites and view to Yali Islet
View of craters from Prophitis Ilias