Georoute G7

Nikia – Fylakio

Starting from the traditional village of Nikia toward Fylakio, visitors can stop by Profitis Ilias church or St. John Theologos monastery, which offers an incredible view towards the village, the caldera and the rhyodacitic domes.

This path is developed on the eastern slopes of the caldera and it can be started from Nikia toward Fylakio or vice versa. The rhyolitic lavas of Nikia are the dominant geological formation throughout the path. Continuing toward Nikia, an intersection leads either to the Profitis Ilias church, where incredible views to the hydrothermal craters and Nikia are offered, or to the St John Theologos monastery. Midway to Fylakio is the Parletia mound, formed by a neck of rhyolitic lava, which used to be one of the Medieval castles of Nisyros.

Nikia Fylakio (G7) Map

  • Distance: 9.30 Km
  • Time: 150 Min
  • Terrain: Mountain
  • Type: Loop
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Cultural Sights: Panagia Kyra Monastery, Parletia Castle, Prophitis Ilias Church, St. John Theologian Chapel, Volcanological Museum
  • Geological Sights: Panoramic View of the Craters, Parletia Rhyolitic Lava Neck, View of Lava Terraces, Volcanic Observatory
Panagia Kyra monastery
Nikia rhyolites
Nikia rhyolites
Nikia rhyolites
Nikia rhyolites
Nikia rhyolites
Nikia rhyolites