Georoute G9

Mandraki – Kateros

Visitors following the trail from Mandraki towards Argos, on the west side of the island, can visit the remarkable castle of Mandraki, pass by the church of Panagia Faneromeni and walk towards the Kateros cove.

Visitors following the road from Mandraki to Argos, on the west side of the island, can initially visit Paleokastro, the ancient Acropolis of Nisyros with more than 2600 years of history. This spot offers a unique view of Mandraki and Yali to the north. The path starts on andesitic lava flows and then continues on debris deposits of basaltic andesitic pyroclastic flows. The Karaviotis dome is a landmark of the area, composed of the youngest rhyodacitic lavas of the volcano.

Mandraki Kateros (G9) Map

  • Distance: 5.34 Km
  • Time: 90 Min
  • Terrain: Hill
  • Type: Point-to-Point
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Cultural Sights: Paleokastro
  • Geological Sights: Karaviotis Dome, View of Rhyodacites
View of Paleokastro